Splatterhouse Splatterhouse Splatterhouse

Splatterhouse is a brutal 3D action game that's a re-imagining of the 1988 arcade title. You play as Rick Taylor, who is on the bloody trail of his beloved Jennifer who has vanished after a visit to the eerie West Mansion. The Terror Mask imbues Rick with raw power that allows him to execute brutal attacks against relentless opponents, and the combat system lets Rick perform bone-smashing combos and grapples while putting a house full of makeshift weapons to good use -- including the series trademark 2x4 and no shortage of limbs ripped from the unwary foes who cross his path. Rick can also leap great distances, swing from handholds in the environments, and reanimate the shattered corpses of his fallen combatants to fight alongside him. With no health bar, damage to Rick is shown on his body as torn flesh, exposed organs, and lost limbs.