Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley Uncanny Valley Uncanny Valley Uncanny Valley
1 Cheat, 1 Demo available for Uncanny Valley, see below

Uncanny Valley is a survival horror indie game. We are tired of seeing action games marketed as survival horror, so we decided to make our own, true to the genre game.
You play as Tom, a newly recruited security guard at a remote, closed down facility. There are only two people there, him and another security guard, sharing the shifts between night and day. Soon, our main character starts exploring the abandoned facility only to discover some very interesting things.

The game will feature a huge facility with multiple floors and buildings, open for exploration. Your job is to collect as many information as you can and figure out what the heck was going on in there. But beware, there are things preying on you, and everything is not as it seems.

Key features:
• a huge, explorable facility with multiple floors and building
• intense moments of dread
• detailed backstory with rich characters