Wildlife Park 3

Wildlife Park 3 Wildlife Park 3 Wildlife Park 3

Take a piece of the wild home with you in Wildlife Park 3!

• The thrilling Campaign will take players around the world on 20 missions
• Realistic representations of 25 different land- and water-based animal species
• Improved and expanded management component
• Play "Freeplay mode" on 20 selectable maps with additional mini-quests
• The terraforming tool allows players to landscape their own park based on their own designs
• A detailed tutorial that explains the game functions in a fun and humorous way
• Players can unlock additional equipment and items for the wildlife park after completing successful missions
• Animal shop for trading animals in the game
• Individual animals and families of animals can be created randomly using coat colors, coat markings, tails, manes, tusks and horns
• True-to-life animated plant varieties with flowering and fruiting phases
• Comprehensive lexicon with lots of interesting information on the various animal and plant species
• Plenty of scope to customize the park using a variety of decorative park elements; a range of fences, enclosures, plants and visitor facilities can be upgraded
• Visitor attractions such as hot air balloons, airships, monorails and a new track system that enables players to build upward (third dimension)