Dragon Age: Origins - Baldurs Gate 2 Redux Irenicus Dungeon Mod


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"Nostalgia strikes home when playing through Dragon Age: Origins. You have flashbacks from the past, an urge to play a game you once loved. That game is the renowned Baldur's Gate 2, famous for its fantastic writing and twisting plot. Starting out with Irenicus' Dungeon, the BGR Team is recreating the beloved Baldur's Gate experience in the Dragon Age engine.

This module contains the very first dungeon in the game - Irenicus' Dungeon. This provides around two hours of gameplay, several levels and quests, and a whole lot of new features besides that."

- New abilities and classes with around 50 new spells
- New room and prop models and textures
- New creature models including goblins, golems and djinnis
- 4 New followers - Imoen, Minsc, Jaheira and Yoshimo
- Audio and dialogue extracted from the original game
- Resting mechanic with fatigue penalty for tiredness and party camp accessible anywhere
- New equipment including new weapon and armour types and new icons

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