Fallout : The Sum 1.4 (The Sum + Nous Aurons)

Fallout : The Sum 1.4 (The Sum + Nous Aurons)

This total transformation mod (not following Fallout lore) aims to bring to life anarchist utopias after Global meltdown. It takes place in eastern part of former Canada and United-States. The game is a bilingual (french & english) single player non-linear RPG. It can be called a radical camping simulator or a positive post-apocalyptic game. The world has been challenged by the Sum of all heavily anticipated catastrophies. Humans survived and organised themselves according to a mix of anarchistic, aboriginal, technological and nomadic ways of living, mostly driven by anarchist ideas (anti-domination, direct democracy, freedom and autonomy). In-game, "Sum" refers to the sum of all catastrophies, the name, a new currency and mispellings of words "son" and "sun".

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