Grand Theft Auto 3 - Real GTA3 Final


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Real GTA III is a Total Conversion for Grand Theft Auto III that changes everything, Textures, Cars, Buildings, heck, the whole deal. Now before i go on let me say that i am a HUGE fan of this modification so if this is slightly bias i apologise, but i really do think its THAT good. This for me is one of the best total conversions for any game, ever. The workmanship is outstanding. When i first downloaded this file i was not expecting what i got. I first felt that it would not be as good as it was. First loading the game you notice that the entire feel of the game is much better, alot of the tree's and textures have been ported from Vice City, and alot of textures are much more detailed and high-res then the origonal's, but not alot of anything is knocked off the performence. The game replaces all the car's in the game with real life counterparts, such as Aston Martin Vantage's, Volkeswagon Passat's and there's even a monster truck and T-80 tank to keep you ammused later in the game. Oh and the Dodo? A F-16 fighter jet. Unfortunatly it dosent fly like planes in Vice City, but hey, its a F-16! Hours of fun! Most of the shops, signs and other locale's have been changed to real life brands and names, even the mission text takes into account the changes, and car's actualy show there real life names as you enter them.

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