Grand Theft Auto III


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Game Cheats:
How to Use PC Cheat Codes:
You can actually enter the classic PC Cheat codes provided you have a keyboard for your Android device. Youc an use the built-in keyboard on the phone if you hold MENU. The keyboard will pop up and you can enter these codes.

tortoise - 100% Armor
gesundheit - 100% Health
cornerslikemad - Better vehicle handling
ilikedressingup - Change Outfit
skincancerforme - Clear Weather
timeflieswhenyou - Clock Moves Faster
ilikescotland - Cloudy Weather
nastylimbscheat - Crank Up Gore
bangbangbang - Destroy all cars
chittycittybb - Flying vehicle
peasoup - Foggy Weather
gunsgunsguns - Get All Weapons (Keep using to add ammo)
morepoliceplease - Higher Wanted Level
itsallgoingmaaad - Insane Pedstrians
anicesetofwheels - Invisible Cars
nopoliceplease - Lower Wanted Level
ifiwerearichman - More Money (Keep using for more cash)
nobodylikesme - Pedestrians Attack
weaponsforall - Pedtrians Fight One Another
ilovescotland - Rainy Weather
giveusatank - Spawn Vehicles (Keep using for different vehicles)
boooooring - Speed up Gameplay
madweather - Super-speedy Game Clock

Get 125 Health:
There is an easy (and quite illicit) way to up your health rating. Carjack a fairly decent ride and cruise into the Red Light District. Pull up next to one of the hookers and stop. She'll talk to you and if she likes your ride, she'll get inside. The moment she gets in, your money will gradually decrease. Drive her to a deserted alley and let the car sit. Eventually, the car will begin to rock, first slowly, then faster. Your health will increase as the vehicle shakes. Who knows what's going on inside? In the end, your health will grow to 125, and will last until the next time you croak.
Infinite Ammo:
Once you collect over 9999 rounds of ammo for a weapon, you will have infinite ammo for that weapon. However, you will still need to reload whenever your clip runs dry.

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