The Lord Of The Rings: The Battle For Middle-Earth 2 - The Last Hope of the Third Age 0.21 beta


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The patch is placed on the version 0.2b. Installation is similar on mod's install. Small change list: -Sky-on all the maps now received of EA:) Basically good, but daytime sky for some reason, copies clouds across the blue modeles O_o. Not very nice, but there will come) Night sky cool on 100%; -Updated icons upgrades fortress of Angmar; -Added caravans; -Arrows, how without them? Fire arrows now have a much smaller chance to roast the ground than before; -The Builder of Angmar is now man and he uses voiceovers with RotWK); -Added battering ram for Angmar and big battering ram for Mordor (Grond can now be built only on the map Minas Tirith, and only once); -Fixed bugs kind, how not very nice attack leader of the trolls of Angmar etc; -Well, and others, very very minor, changes.

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