Teutonic order: Drang nach Osten v0.98 beta

Teutonic order: Drang nach Osten v0.98 beta

Historical mod, which narrates about events of 13th century, which was unfolding in the Baltic and nearby lands. All begined in 1225 year, when the short-sighted Polish duke Konrad Mazowiecki called Teutonic Order for help against the Prussian pagans. Knights came in 1232 year and entrenched oneself on the right bank of the Vistula River. They planned from here to raid the lands of the Prussians and gradually enslave them. This task was successfully solved by the order. The knights built castles on all conquered lands and thereby kept the entire land under their control.
In 1237 year the Teutonic Order united with other knightly order, which made a similar campaign in the north of the Baltic. The incorporation of orders did not only strengthen the power of the Teutonic Knights, but also it added new enemies. Now not only pagan tribes of Livs, Ests, Zemgals, Latgals, Curonian were against power of Teutons, but also the Duchy of Lithuania and the Novgorod Republic. Denmark showed its ambitions in northern Estonia. In addition, a significant part of the Prussian tribes was not conquered, but on the contrary, they were united in a union to repulse the invaders.
You are invited to support one of the warring factions and lead it to victory in the mod. You can become a Polish prince, Prussian chieftain, Novgorod boyar, enlist in the service of the Danish crown, or unite the lands of Lithuania under your command. Finally, you can become a knight of the Teutonic Order and fight for the glory of the Lord.
Perhaps your commanding skills will be able to change the history of the region and glorify you as a great commander.

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