Titan Quest: Immortal Throne - Frozen World v1.01


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Titan Quest Frozen World is a modification for the game Titan Quest Immortal Throne! "Frozen World" will give you a free and at the same time; linear story. The Story: The country Tyranis has been attacked by monsters! Nobody knows where they're coming from. As a son of the gods, is it your goal to help the citizens of Tyranis. The Gameplay: After looking at the original TQ game, looking at the aspects on what is it build, we have decided to create a more open, unlinear (free) landscape. The World: The World will contain 3 sectors: 1.Southtyranis (Egypt) 2.Middletyranis (Greece and Orient) 3.Northtyranis (Frozen) With best regards TBB T.S.C. Modding Studios

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