240GB SSD Prices Continue to Plummet - Perfect for Gaming


Prices for SSDs are continuing to drop, as memory manufacturing gets more and more efficient and the cost of individual chips falls further and further. This is leading to many more gamers getting onboard the SSD train and finding it revolutionises their gaming experience.

While 64GB and 120GB SSDs have been at an affordable range for quite some time, gamers will often need a little bit more space than that, especially if you factor in 20GB for the operating system. 240GB is the sweetspot, where it's not too expensive but offers enough storage that you'll very unlikely to need to delete any games for quite some time - as long as you make sure to store your photos and long term backup files on a secondary hard drive. This has been the case for a while with SATA II drives, but now we're really starting to see viable SATA III options near the $200 mark. Currently at Ebuyer you can pick up an OCZ 240GB SATA III Agility III for $210. This has read/write speeds both over 500MBps. Similarly the Corsair 240GB Force 3 isn't much more, offering around 25MBps more on both stats.

The tide is really turning on SSDs and I think it won't be long before everyone is gaming with one.

Really if you don't have one at this point though, or aren't considering getting one, you probably aren't aware what an impact it can make. As it stands, unless you're running a system that is more than five years old, you'll notice the most difference in your PC usage and gaming experience by upgrading to an SSD, over practically any other update. It drops boot times right down, it massively improves responsiveness as soon as you get into the OS, makes everything that much more snappy, but perhaps more importantly: brings load times for games down to mere seconds.

How many of you guys are gaming on an SSD these days?