40 Years Old Player Breaks Pac-Man Record

40 Years Old Player Breaks Pac-Man Record

40-year-old David Race of Beaver Creek, OH has become the 6th gamer in history to gain a perfect score on the original Pac-Man video arcade game.

Even more noteworthy is the fact that he's done it in faster time than any gamer in history, putting him at the top of a short list of gamers who have achieved perfection on the original arcade machine.

A perfect score on Pac-Man requires a gamer to eat every dot, bonus prize, and blue ghost across all 256 levels before a glitch in the game code places the player into an impossible to complete stage. The perfect score of 3,333,360 was first done officially by Florida's Billy Mitchell in 1999 and followed up upon by other gamers in years after that, including Canada's Rick Fothergill, Florida's Chris Ayra, Minnesota's Tim Balderramos, and New Hampshire's Donald Hayes.

The previous fastest time to a perfect Pac-Man score was acheived in early 2000 by Chris Ayra. This feat, once coined by Mitchell himself as the truest test of the best Pac-Man player, now stands with David Race at 3 hours, 41 minutes, and 22 seconds, a time and feat that requires perfect execution throughout the game. Most gamers that can reach the last stage of Pac-Man take almost 5 to 6 hours on average.

Race submitted his score on September 11th, 2009.

Pac-Man, released in the United States in November 1980 by Midway Manufacturing and licensed from Namco, sold 100,000 coin operated units in 12 months of production. This sales figure still stands to this day as the second best selling arcade video game in US history, behind only it's sequel Ms. Pac-Man, which sold 119,000 units while in production from January 1982 to June 1983. The original title and it's many sequels still appear as popular downloads for cell phones and XBox Live.

Race has no plans to rest on his accomplishments as the fastest Perfect Pac-Man player ever. He has already stated that he plans to better this fastest perfect run of the game to ensure he stays on top of the official rankings.