All Skyrim DLC Set For PS3 In February

Skyrim DLC

Skyrim players on the PS3 can rejoice, as finally, months after the release of its Xbox 360 and PC counterparts, the PlayStation 3 is getting its full dose of Skyrim DLC. This will include both Hearthfire and Dawnguard, which come separately after the release of Dragonborn in early Feb.

While the rest of the Skyrim community has been able to enjoy both of the original two DLC packs for Skyrim for quite a while now, PlayStation owners languished in the native version - until now. While the PC along with the PS3 will get its taste of the Dragonborn additions in February, the PS3 is getting special treatment with a double release. By way of an apology for taking so long, Bethesda will be releasing both packs at half price on launch week. You could also argue that it would be pretty cheeky to charge full price for something that's several months old, but I'm sure that price will be cranked up again after the first week.

While the overwhelming response to this news has been pretty positive, it's also drawn a lot of "meh," comments. People, specifically PS3 players have moved on from Skyrim. If Bethesda really wanted to ingratiate itself with the public again, it would do well to give away one of these packs, for example the least impressive - Hearthfire. Then you'd get people firing up Skyrim again just to check it out and getting into it all over again.

What do you guys think?

Image Source: MIDHRAS