AMD Has Given Up On Mobile Processors

It is no secret that former AMD CEO Dirk Meyer was let go in January 2011because he was firmly against the company entering the tablets business. Interestingly, this is the exact same stance his predecessor holds toward entering the smartphone business.

Interviewed at the Pacific Crest Securities Technology Leadership Forum in Vail, Colorado, AMD senior vice president Rick Bergman explained that the company has no plans currently to release smartphone CPUs because the X86 architecture is ill suited for the mobile's limited battery.

This position is the exact opposite to Intel's official stance that it will enter the smartphone processors market "real soon" and "in a big way." Funny though, Intel first promised to make the big mobile debut by 2010, and it has been pushing that "real soon" release date till now. In the latest episode of the Intel mobile processer saga was another delay to "the first part of next year." Most analysts believe that this delay was caused by Nokia's decision to drop the Meego platform in favor of Windows Phone 7 exclusivity. "In hindsight, Nokia was the wrong partner to have picked," Intel CEO Paul Otellini bemoaned when he first heard of the Nokia news back then.

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