AMD prepping RX 6000 refresh and RX 7000 launch in 2022

AMD prepping RX 6000 refresh and RX 7000 launch in 2022

AMD has plans to launch both a refresh of its RX 6000 series graphics cards and a new generation of RX 7000 RDNA3 GPUs in 2022, beginning with the refresh this summer. These cards will offer improved performance over their RX 6000 counterparts, and will use the RX 6X50XT moniker to differentiate themselves.

AMD's big launches in 2022 will come later in the year, with new-generation RX 7000 desktop graphics cards, and a new generation of Ryzen 7000 processors alongside them. They'll use RDNA3 and Zen 4 architectures respectively, and should offer enormous increases in performance across the board.

Since that will be two years since AMD's last GPU release, though, it's got a small refresh in mind for mid-year. Team Red will reportedly launch a series of 6X50XT cards this summer, including the 6950XT, the 6850XT, 6850 and 6750 XT. These cards will have the same number of stream processors as their 6X00 counterparts, but will have faster memory and potentially higher clock speeds, boosting performance by enough to remain competitive with some of Nvidia's new Ti variants.

It's also possible that these refreshed GPUs will use the TSMC 6nm process, as AMD's new Ryzen 6000 APUs on mobile do, but that's not been confirmed.

The new cards will land sometime in June or July, according to leaker Greymon55, ahead of a potential fall, or winter release for the new-gen RDNA3 GPUs. They'll make use of the new TSMC 5nm process, and may be based on a new multi-chip model system, hence the expected monstrous uplift in performance.