AMD RX 6500 XT price leaps over 70% in Europe

AMD RX 6500 XT price leaps over 70% in Europe

The intended $199 price tag for AMD's upcoming entry-level RX 6500 XT may be hard to maintain once it hits the shelves. The card has started listing among some European retailers and the price has leaped by almost 70%, with some cards having a price tag as high as 300 euros, which works out to almost $340.

The AMD RX 6500 XT has received a tonne of flak from AMD fans since it first announced. Partly for its 4GB of RAM, partly for its relatively poor overall performance, and partly for its lack of certain video encoders and decoders. But it's a $200 graphics card that shouldn't appeal to miners since it won't have enough RAM for Ethereum. That could be enough to make it a mega seller.

But not if its price is stupid.

At $200, the RX 6500 XT would be an awesome entry-level graphics card when everything else is $500+ for even three year old GPUs that weren't top of the line when they debuted. But at almost $350, the 6500 XT becomes a much tougher sell.

Still, it should outperform the 1650 which is about what you'll get for that sort of money these days, so it is likely to still be popular among gamers.

But it shouldn't be.