AMD's Adrenalin driver tease leaves fans wondering what it will do

AMD has teased a major new graphics driver release for sometime in December called Adrenalin and though it did release a block of descriptive text with the teaser video, none of it illuminates what it will actually do. Do you guys have any good guesses?

"From great to greatness, get ready for the arrival of Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition," AMD said, as well as: "Radeon Software is where visible and invisible have been woven together to empower gamers and enrich the visual experience."

What the hell does that mean?

As much as the language is quite wishy-washy, AMD has followed through on promises and pledges with its drivers in recent months. Not only has it had much more regular releases, but its Crimson platform did a good job of overhauling the age-old Catalyst Control Center. Could Adrenalin do something similar?

We'll have to wait a little longer into December to find out, though AMD does seem poised to make an announcement soon, so it may not be a post-Christmas affair.

Some commenters have suggested it could unlock additional features in Vega GPUs, while some see it as a promised optimization to make AMD cards more competitive with their Nvidia counterparts. Others are hoping for game-specific tweaks, but that seems too pedestrian for a big release like this.

What do you guys think Adrenaline will do for AMD fans?

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