And Mod of the Year Goes to...


Were you thinking DayZ? If you were, you'd be wrong I'm afraid, as it was pipped at the post by none other than Black Mesa, the very long term development project to recreate the original Half Life using Valve's latest source engine. If any mod could beat out the ridiculously popular and headline grabbing DayZ, it was that one.

Of course everyone will have their own favorite mod of the year - mine was Mount and Blade Warband's Prophesy of Pendor - but this lineup is somewhat official, since it comes from ModDB. It has some honorable mentions, in the form of Project Reality for Battlefield 2, Total War Third Age, Forgotten Hope 2 and No More Room in Hell, but it's the top 10 that we're really interested in.

If you're a strategy gamer 2012 looks like it was a bumper year for you, as there are three Company of Heroes mods in the top 10: Blizkrieg, Modern Combat and Eastern Front. These are joined also by Rise of the Reds, for Command and Conquer Generals. FPS also gets a look in though, with , Misery and a tweaked version of Doom, known simply as "Brutal Doom." Apparently it makes everything bigger, badder and louder. Much louder.

So with 2012 coming to a close and obviously a lot of great mods already released, which one was your favorite and are there any big ones you're excited for in 2013?