Batman Fights Deathstroke in New Arkham Origins Teaser


If you've been eagerly anticipating Batman Arkham Origins, today's action packed, but short teaser trailer is going to whet your appetite even more. In it, Batman faces off against Deathstroke in a few snippets of CGI footage that is really quite stunning. If the Dawn of War intro movies took your breath away years ago, the full version of this is going to be pretty impressive.

As it stands we only get a brief glimpse of the action, maybe ten seconds of footage, intercut with blackness, separating it into an exciting look into the upcoming game. The full trailer is set to be released on May 20th, so we don't have long to wait to get a look at more, but it's tantalizing while we wait.

We can learn a little from the trailer, though not much. We see a bit of weaponry make an appearance during the fight, as you might expect, with Deathstroke attacking Batman with both a short sword and a metal pole, though the latter could be some sort of Bo staff. The Dark Knight of course has his forearm gauntlets.

The backdrop is some sort of shipyard with containers everywhere. It's also snowing, but judging by all the concept art and previous screenshots or Arkham Origins, that's not surprising.

Batman Arkham Origins is coming to PC, all current gen and future gen consoles on October 25th 2013.