Battlefield 1 Christmas Truce didn't pan out

The Christmas Truce that many players planned to take part in during Battlefield 1 games around Christmas, didn't really work out. Although there was a truce dog tag doing the rounds, and other games were doing something similar, there were enough players still sporting eager trigger fingers, that it meant any attempt at a ceasefire was greeted with a hail of bullets.

The idea of a Christmas Truce during World War I games bears some real historic precedent. During the real conflict, several months after the war began, in Christmas 1914, men on both the German and British side of the war, lay down their arms for one afternoon. Together they shared food, swapped stories in broken translations, had snowball fights and even played football.

To commemorate the event, games like Verdun, which are based during that period, held special Truce events, on maps designed with it in mind. It let players pay homage to their fallen ancestors, by doing much the same as they did.

While there was no official event in Battlefield 1, despite being based in the same time period, players did find a datamined 'Truce' dog tag prior to Christmas 2016, but that was all the effort DICE put into it. Players did hope to have a peaceful Christmas themselves, but all it takes is one person with a bloodlust on them to destroy that peace very quickly.

That's ultimately what happened according to Kotaku, but it's cool to see that some people did at least try.

Did any of you lay down your digital arms this Christmas?

Image source: Robson Harold/Wikimedia

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