Be Careful: Cyberpunk 1.1 is killing saves

Be Careful: Cyberpunk 1.1 is killing saves

If you were excited to pickup Cyberpunk 2077 again after its recent 1.1 patch in the hope that it made things better, think again. The patch might have fixed a number of problems with the game, including improving performance, but it's also introduced a save killing bug that should be avoided at all costs. Better yet, don't play the game until it's fixed, just to make sure.

The bug in question was discovered at the end of the quest Down in the Street, where the character Goro Takemura calls you. This was similar to a previous bug where he just wouldn't call, forcing players to redo the mission. Annoying, but not game breaking. With 1.1 however, CDPR's attempted fix has meant he always calls, but sometimes doesn't speak.

The real problem comes from the fact that if you redo the mission, he still won't speak, making you completely stuck and unable to progress.

That's why it's so important anyone playing the game is keenly aware of this and doesn't do that mission, or ideally, don't play Cyberpunk 2077 until it's fixed.

If you do plan to play the game, making a hard backup of your save is also a good idea before doing so, just to play safe.

In the worst case scenario where you've already encountered this bug, or ignore all warnings and do so after playing, there is a potential workaround but it doesn't work in all cases. As PCGamer explains, you need to load a save from before the mission, then get to the point where V finishes talking with Takemura, then skip ahead 23 hours. That can typically make the conversation work as intended.

It's not a guarantee though, so best bet, stay well away from Cyberpunk for now.