The Behemoth's Pit People hits Early Access this week

Pit People, the next game by Newgrounds alumni and Castle Crashers maker, The Behemoth, hits early access this week on Steam, giving gamers around the world access to the cooperative, hex-based, strategy title. It features a lot of the same silliness that we've come to know and love about The Behemoth, as well as a lot of class based, strategic gameplay, a few base building and upgrade elements and a whole lot more.

Originally known as Game 4 at The Behemoth, Pit People has been in development for a number of years and features single player, local and online coop, online multiplayer and more game modes. It has a Stanley Parable style narration, which seems like a fun addition and a bizarre list of enemies ranging from cupcakes, to vampires.

It's not quite available to play just yet, but you can expect Pit People to go live on Steam in the next few days, so get yourselves ready for some real silliness and frantic action, as The Behemoth is about to make a splash once again.

Find out more about Pit People on its Steam page.

Do you like The Behemoth games? I really enjoyed Castle Crashers, but never was much of a fan of Battleblock Theatre.

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