Beware LG OLED TVs, the burn in is real

As much as OLED panels might have some of the deepest blacks we've ever seen on a display, one problem they always seem to suffer from is burn-in. Like old plasma TVs, OLED screens that are left on a static image for too long can see the image 'burned in' to the display, leaving a permanent ghosted effect of that particular image, no matter what else is shown on it. LG's latest batch of OLED TVs suffers from that in spades.

OLED has a lot of advantages over more traditional LED-backlit LCD panels, whether they're IPS or TN based. They have better contrast, flexible designs, and they can be very thin and light. But they have some real issues and burn in is one of the worst. LG's new range of OLED TVs, most notably the 65-inch model, suffer from this horrendously, as evidenced during the recent SID Display Week 2018 show.

The TV in question was spotted by ZDnet, which confirmed with the stand-runner Nanosys, that the TV was only 2-3 weeks old and had only been running eight hours a day -- roughly around 60 hours before the start of the show and then for three days straight there.

LG reportedly visited the booth in question when it discovered the issue and claimed that this was more likely to be caused by a defect during manufacturing than a widespread issue. It suggested to ZDnet that it shouldn't manifest even after 30,000 hours of usage over a 10-year period.

While that doesn't seem to be the case, it may be that the incident is more isolated than it seems.

Image: Cho Mu-hyun

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