Black and White 2 Almost Here

Black and White 2 Almost Here Black and White 2 Almost Here

Black&White 2 is to be released on 7th October 2005. The long awaited sequel has been just over three years in development. Developer Lionhead Studios wanted this sequel to be a compelling game in its own right and a worthy successor to the original. Black&White 2 blends two genres - the god game and RTS genre and on top of that offers the player the chance to care for and nurture their Creature.

Black&White 2 offers a significant progression over the original in terms of graphics, AI, game play and sound. Now every action a player takes will affect everything in the world. Players who choose the good path will see a game world in which everything is lush and beautiful, where people laugh with joy and where buildings glisten and are festooned with vines. Whereas players that take the evil path, will see a world where everything is dark and forbidding, where the ground is cracked and dry and the prominent sounds are babies crying and crows cawing. The Creature has also been enhanced in every way, in particular creature AI, so much so, that it will appear in the 2006 edition of Guinness World Records as the most Complex Character in a Computer Game.

There will also be a special Collectors edition of Black&White 2 which will be released on the same day. It will contain a 28 minute Making of Black & White 2 DVD, featuring exclusive interviews with the team behind the game including Peter Molyneux plus extensive game footage. The Collectors edition will also offer players an extra bonus creature the Tiger, meaning that players can choose from five creatures.

Black&White 2 has been developed by Lionhead Studios and will be published world wide by Electronic Arts on 7th October 2005