Black Mesa Finally Launching - Mostly

Black Mesa

After a total of eight years in development, the Source engine modification of the original Half Life game, known as Black Mesa, is finally ready for release - or at least, most of it is.

On the 14th of September, players will be able to step into the Black Mesa research facility for the first time in a long time, battling head crabs and more as the world crumbles around them. However, while there will be a solid ten hours of gameplay, it will only be playable up to the Lambda Core. The ensuing "Xen and BMDM," parts of the game are still being developed and will be released further down the line. However, the unfinished portions only represent five of the 20 total chapters of the game, meaning the majority of Half Life has been faithfully reproduced for player enjoyment.

While that might disappoint some, the fact that this modification has taken this long to release, makes it understandable that the team wants to at least get something nailed down with the title "Finished."

Those looking forward to playing some original Half Life in all its source glory, will be able to do so on September 14th,

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