Bloons Tower Defense 6 takes Steam by storm

The hottest new game on Steam isn't some AAA title from a major publisher, but the latest entry in the now-iconic and classic, Bloons Tower Defense series. Originally a mobile game launched in 2018, Bloons TD6 made its way to Steam on December 17 that same year, and has slowly been gathering steam ever since. It's in the most recent weeks, however, that it's really hit its stride, reaching over 40,000 concurrent players in the last few days.

Bloons TD6 is clearly a mobile game at heart, even if the series began as flash series for web browsers. That means that there are heaps of upgrades, micro-transaction options, and unlocks, but you don't need to spend money to make your way through the game's many, many levels. It's also seeing regular updates, despite its relative age, with the recent 22.0 update adding the classic Dartling Gunner from older entries in the series.

A big driver of the game's popularity is undoubtedly its Twitch viewer following. There have been over 50,000 watching streams of the game on any one day in the past few weeks, and thanks to that interest, the player count has slowly been rising, peaking at around 43,800 players in the past 48 hours.

Are you a fan of classic tower defense games? If so, Bloons TD6 might be a fun way to spend a few hours in the coming weeks to stave off the post holiday blues.

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