Bono Asked to Stop Mercenaries 2

Bono Asked to Stop Mercenaries 2 Bono Asked to Stop Mercenaries 2

The Venezuela Solidarity Network has created a petition in order to enlist Bono, U2's front man, in a protest against the release of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. The organization claims that the game has ulterior political motives and highlights the relationship between Pandemic Studios, the game's developer, and the U.S. military.

The Venezualan Solidarity Network (VSN) has set its targets on a high profile candidate, using Bono's connection to a group which funds Pandemic. The letter to Bono claims that, ...this game will only deepen an already antagonistic relationship between the U.S. and Venezuelan governments. Millions of Venezuelans fear an invasion from the U.S.; knowing that a company that works for the U.S. military has created a game in which their country is completely destroyed will increase those concerns.

Venezualans should remember that video games feature a variety of "realistic" scenarios and many countries have to face the role of the bad guy. If lessons in patience are required we are certain that any number of middle eastern countries are readily available for advice.

The full petition is available to read by following the Download tab above.