Braid Creator: Xbox One Cloud Claims Are BS Marketing Lies

Braid Creator: Xbox One Cloud Claims Are BS Marketing Lies

Jonathan Blow, creator of "Braid" and "The Witness," dismissed Microsoft’s claims about the processing power of Xbox One Live Cloud as no more than a big marketing lie.

"More cloud processing BS," he Tweeted frankly. Cite>"Someone please call their bluff on this.

"Also, someone please ask if these fabled 300,000 servers are real hardware, or just the total size of Windows Azure (which then implies XBL would only ever get a portion of that)," he added. "To put it more concretely: a journalist could compute the installation and yearly maintenance cost for 300,000 servers, and then ask Microsoft where that VERY LARGE chunk of money is coming from (And how it could possibly make business sense for a game console)."

When asked to elaborate, Blow explained further that "I can spin up 10,000 virtual servers per host. They would just all suck. Saying 300k when they are virtual is a lie. You can't make 300k servers available without kicking all other customers off the service."

Earlier this week Microsoft revealed that Xbox One Live Cloud is able to triple the performance of each connected Xbox One console. The company noted however that developers are still responsible for making sure their games run smoothly without internet connection.