The Bureau: XCOM Delassified Launch Trailer Now Available


Despite the launch day of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified being tomorrow (or four days away for me and my EU brothers), it has a launch trailer out today. It doesn't do much in the way of setting up the scene - and it doesn't need too, since we know a lot about it already, but it does a good job of getting us all hyped.

"We are at war," says the leader of the XCOM division, and it's not one humanity is winning. The only way to fight back? To take their weapons and make them ours.

Of course at this point, if you're at all interested in the XCOM universe, then you know a lot about this game already and it looks better and better the more we see. Previews have demod well with journalists and the public alike and public opinion of this game is vastly different from what we saw a few years ago when the initial rendition of the game, a first person shooter at the time, was announced.

While the graphics don't look anything too impressive, they have a nice aesthetic and there's a real contrast between different characters' faces, suggesting that we might be able to form some closer bonds with our replaceable team mates when we enter combat - something which is said to be fast paced, with turn based elements and looking not too dissimilar to the Mass Effect series.

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