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Buzz 3D Browser Buzz 3D Browser

Browse any website in totally immersive, full-screen, accelerated 3D using the world's first and only 3D Web Browser, Buzz 3D. If you've ever needed to view more than one website at a time, you'll know how difficult it can be to juggle multiple browser windows on a crowded desktop. Buzz 3D doesn't replace your existing browser - it sits alongside it, giving you the choice of using it or not. In Buzz 3D, you can view dozens of web pages at one glance from the luxury of your 3D Virtual World.

Interacting with each page without leaving the 3D world is the fastest way to view the web, but if you want to view a page in 2D, just walk into into it, and see it full-screen.

Buzz 3D Browser not only enables you to view traditional 2D web content, but also so much more. Some of the exciting benefits of Buzz 3D Browser:

View up to 40 web pages of your own choice in 3D!
Surf the web without the need to leave the Buzz 3D environment.
One simple download is all you need to run all Buzz 3D software. Updates, changes and other required environments are all uploaded "behind the scenes!"
Use the Elevator to navigate to all other exciting Buzz 3D environment.

In one concise download navigate through a photo realistic world that challenges your senses.
Move seamlessly between 3D and 2D, embrace other Buzz 3D worlds.
Experience a significant decrease in browsing time.
Enjoy branded, highly explorable environments.

Chat, email or get call centre support for your query.
Ideal for pre or post sales, training and demonstrations.
Experience dynamically served content.
Meet others online to make browsing a communal experience.

Interact and explore 3D products in a virtual showroom.
Link music or voiceovers to specific actions.
Exceptional image quality brings products to life.
Open products, move parts and have fun as if holding the item itself!

Windows NT is not currently supported although is planned for later this year.


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