Call of Duty 2 First Details

Call of Duty 2 First Details

Following last summer's announcement that a Call of Duty sequel was in the works, Activision has now released the first details of its WW II shooter Call of Duty 2.

CoD 2 is set for release in fall 2005 and is currently under development by Infinity Ward, creators of the original game. The game will follow four individual soldiers across a variety of campaigns, so expect a similar format to its predecessor. Players will be offered the chance to play out each character's story before moving on to the next or to play out the battles in chronological order.

The in-game combat has been modified in order to add an element of squad tactics to the gameplay. Although this would seem to suggest that CoD may be going down the Brothers in Arms road, Infinity Ward will be quick to tell you that it is not the case. The description of gameplay however, mentions ...various mission objectives, expansive battlefields allowing for multiple paths and the use of actual battlefield tactics such as outflanking.

The developers are also promising better visuals through a vastly improved engine and AI, which will also improve the quality of the squad based gameplay. CoD 2 will also include the Battle Chatter System, which will voice-connect squad-mates allowing for the rapid exchange of context-sensitive updates.

Call of Duty 2 will be released for PC in fall 2005.