The Case For Privacy In BF3

Anonymous BF3

Prominent Youtube user, LevelCap, famous for his Battlefield 3 videos, has published an open letter to the developer DICE, with a request for privacy within the game, after his play time became filled with griefing, trolls and fanatical fans.

The problem isn't with the game itself, but with Battlelog, which makes it incredibly easy to track other players within the game. This might seem fine with regards to your friends, but when it comes to public figures - or those made somewhat famous by internet videos - it can result in the ruining of a game experience. So much so, that in this instance LevelCap was forced to stop making some of his videos, simply because he couldn't get enough game footage to make them.

While he's tried a few solutions like deleting friends and fans, creating a new account using only the letters L and I, none of them have worked - partly because there are websites specifically designed to let you know when certain people are online. gives you a heads up when any of the DICE team is playing, as well as hosts of Youtube users and EA staff. Not only does it tell you where they're playing though, it even lets you join the server from the website, launching BF3 and automatically connecting you to their game.

This makes digital stalking incredibly easy and is why LevelCap made such a lengthy plea. Not only does he want some privacy, but he wants to actually be able to play the game he paid for.

His request seems simple: add an option for anonymous login. It shouldn't be too difficult to implement.

Would you guys be interested in such a feature?