C&C Plot Discrepancies Will Be Resolved

C&C Plot Discrepancies Will Be Resolved C&C Plot Discrepancies Will Be Resolved

Mike Verdu, Executive Producer of Command & Conquer 3 has admitted discrepancies in C&C story and promised to address them.

"We've watched debates about the Tiberium fiction go on for a while now. Members of the C&C community have pointed out a number of inconsistencies in the different storylines for C&C games over time (and the recently released C&C novel)", said Mike Verdu.

Verdu continued: "We readily acknowledge that there are some inconsistencies in the fiction, and we agree that these need to be resolved over time. To some degree, these issues are a byproduct of something really good: The enduring nature of C&C. The world of the C&C Tiberium games is a wonderfully compelling place; the richness and complexity of that world is a result of many different creative contributors who have developed and extended the world for more than a decade (since the release of the original game). The community has even had a role in that process.

We tend to view these fiction problems in that context - errors that have crept in as the universe has evolved, the result of a shared creative endeavor between multiple game teams and other creative contributors. Our vision of this amazing world continues to expand and evolve… a process that isn't going to stop any time soon. However, we do acknowledge the need to keep the canon as consistent as possible so we're all building on a sound foundation.

Bottom line: We admit there are discrepancies and we acknowledge that we need to address those issues over time. However, all that being said, our community forums are not the best place to fix these fictional differences over the long haul. Ultimately we have to understand what we need to address and then we'll tackle these topics in future installments of Tiberium game fiction, bringing the fiction into alignment over time.

We owe it to you to fess up to the inconsistencies. We regret that any exist and at this point promise to address them in the future."

Verdu then promised to "tweak" C&C story according to fan's appeal, just like they do with gameplay and features. "The same thing happens with features and gameplay; we listen to what's being said and we take it into account as we move forward", he said.

C&C3 community manager eaapoc then provided an example: The date for the discovery of the Tacitus (a crystal-like orb that contains vast information on Tiberium and warns about the Scrin invasion). A video briefing sequence in C&C 3 identifies the date as 2028, but that is inconsistent with the 2030 date set out in TS: Firestorm.

Such discrepancies look minor when considering the fact that [C&C 3 story spoiler ahead] Kane managed to survive a liquid Tiberium explosion that was triggered by an ion cannon and destroyed all of eastern Europe, as a part of his plan to trick the Scrin (alien race) into invading earth so that he (Kane) would steal their superior weapons and technology.