CD Projekt Red sent a bahtub Geralt statue to a review site

Geralt of Rivea might be well known for his exploits in The Witcher games as a monster slayer, but one of the most iconic images of the 'Witcher' is the one of him lounging in a giant wooden bath tub, surrounded by dripping candles. Although that image has been ingrained in many a mind, it also has its place in the real world too, as game developer, CD Projekt Red sent PCGamer a statue of that very scene, as a thank you for its coverage of the game.

"CD Projekt RED sent us a package today, and this was inside. It's real. We poked it to check. We don't normally write about things we get sent in the post, but we know Witcher fans, and fans of ripped dudes in bathtubs, will want a closer look, so here is a tour of bathtub Geralt," PCGamer said in its coverage.

The statue seems one of a kind, as it includes three copies of PCGamer magazine in the statue's design: two on the floor outside the tub and one in the water with Geralt, right alongside a yellow rubber duck.

Whoever hand painted the model did a wonderful job, with lots of detail and great brush-manship.

If they were made available to all, would you be interested in a statue such as this?

Image source: PCGamer

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