Cliff Blezinski's Lawbreakers' closed beta starts March 16

If you want to try your hand at the next game from Unreal Tournament and Gears of War developer, Cliff Blezinski, you'll get your chance tomorrow, March 16, when Lawbreakers, the first game from his new studio, Boss Key, gets its first closed beta.

By its very nature of course, a closed beta is not accessible to everyone, but you can sign up now if you're interested. All you have to do is head over to the Lawbreakers website and register your details, though your chances won't be the highest of inclusion.

The first people to be entered into the closed beta are those who were part of the closed alpha test from last year. If you weren't allowed in, but applied for an alpha key, you'll still have a decent chance of inclusion, while those just signing up for the beta now have the weakest chance - but it is still a chance.

Cue Lloyd Christmas. Signing up now does give you a better chance of inclusion in future closed betas though.

If you have played before, there will be a few changes to expect from the alpha, as Boss Key has taken onboard a lot of feedback from the community.

Participants can also expect a unique reward for playing during the beta:

"Participate in Beta at any time and your account will receive an exclusive Beta profile icon to show everyone that you helped shape LawBreakers' future in our first Beta test. This icon will transfer over to the full release of the game too!"

The beta is set to run for 96 hours, starting on March 16 at 9am PT, and finishing at 9pm PT on March 19.

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