Codemasters Showcase Its 2009 Lineup

Codemasters Showcase Its 2009 Lineup Codemasters Showcase Its 2009 Lineup Codemasters Showcase Its 2009 Lineup

Codemasters showcased some of the star players from its 2009 portfolio at its San Francisco Gamers Day event, held last night, Thursday 19th February. Featured titles included DiRT2, FUEL, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Jumpgate Evolution, Overlord II, Overlord Dark Legend and Overlord Minions.

Codemasters announced that DiRT2, the sequel to the award-winning off-road racer, has been scheduled to ship this September for the Xbox 360, the PLAYSTATION 3 and Games For Windows LIVE, Wii, Nintendo DS and PSP.

In addition to Utah, Malaysia and London, DiRT 2's World Tour of off-road events will take racers to a massive, spectator-packed Los Angeles sports stadium for an exhilarating rally cross event: the "Stadium King Shootout".

Codemasters also showcased FUEL, the multi-terrain, multi-vehicle action racing title from Asobo Studios that will present players with the largest environment ever created in race gaming. FUEL will have players competing across wildly different terrain, created from the most compelling, diverse and striking areas of America using satellite data. Coming this May, FUEL will be published for the PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360 and Games For Windows LIVE.

Codemasters revealed Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising in action and released new in-game screenshots. Set to be the most accessible, engaging and visceral sandbox shooter of the year Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is coming this summer for the Xbox 360, the PLAYSTATION system and Games For Windows.

Codemasters Online and developer NetDevil announced that Jumpgate Evolution, the action-based PC Massively Multiplayer Online game that promises exhilarating space combat on a vast scale, is scheduled for take-off this June.

Heralding the return of the delightfully despotic Overlord and his Minion horde, Codemasters announced that its three new Overlord titles are scheduled to ship this June. Overlord II, the sequel to the original hit twisted fantasy adventure will launch for PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Overlord Dark Legend, an all-new Overlord action adventure steeped in fairy tale lore with sinister satirical twists and starring a new, younger Overlord, will be published exclusively for Wii. While Overlord Minions, an irresistible puzzle action game starring an elite squad of four heroic Minions, will be available exclusively for Nintendo DS.