Colorful has a hybrid cooled RTX 2080 Ti which costs $3,000

If you have more than $2,000 to spend on a graphics card, you're probably going to buy yourself a Titan RTX. It's ludicrously expensive for what amounts to an increase of 10-20 percent over an RTX 2080 Ti. But you could always opt for a vanity card. For $3,000 you can now buy one of 1,000 limited edition Colorful Kudan 2080 Ti graphics cards. It's completely overblown and overpriced, but the card is beautifully designed.

The full name for it is the iGame GeForce GTX 2080 Ti Kudan and you do get quite a lot for your money. Whether it's worth double the price of a standard 2080 Ti is up to you.

It comes with a triple-fan, hybrid cooling solution. The fans help cool the memory and the VRM, while the waterblock that can attach to the supplied 240mm radiator and pump for an AIO solution (if you aren't using your own custom loop) cools the core. This allows the card to clock up to 1,815MHz when boosted right out of the box, though if you don't mind greater fan noise we're sure you can push it further.

It has three DisplayPort connections on the rear, as well as an HDMI, USB-C (Virtual Link) connector on the rear, alongside an overclock dial which lets you flip to an aftermarket BIOS and clock configuration for even greater performance.

To augment the power of the card, Colorful has given it a Steampunk theme with some beautiful artwork on the front and back. There's even a brass cog to flesh out the plastic shroud.

It's all very expensive and totally not worth it. Unless you have very deep pockets. In which case, why wouldn't you buy it?

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