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Activision has announced plans for a PC version of True Crime : Streets of LA, a move which will not only bring the popular game to all gamers but will add, the much missed, online functionality to gameplay.

Released last year for the PS2, XBox and GameCube, True Crime : Streets of LA was an instant hit with console gamers and managed to avoid the, apparently straight-forward, comparison with GTA:VC. Even if you do accept the criticism, TCLA proved resiliant with gamers and offered an engaging experience for most. Activision however, decided that the original recipe was not enough to justify the game's PC presence and have decided to enrich gameplay with the online option, as well as new weapons for the single-player missions.

PC players will enjoy the, by now, well known mix of smoking guns and exhausts with famous voices and the cool music but they will also be able to test their skills online with another 4 players in a variety of modes. Current plans suggest that there will be a hand-to-hand combat mode, a Street Racing option and a Death-Match mode.

The PC version of True Crime : Streets of LA does not yet have an official release date but it is widely speculated that it will surface around spring 2004.

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