Company of Heroes 3 is free to try this week

In the mood for a modern take on a classic RTS game? This week Company of Heroes 3, the next instalment in the iconic WW2 strategy series is free to play as part of its ongoing pre-alpha test. It's not set for a full release until sometime in late 2022, but development is continuing apace, and what we've seen so far, looks good.

If you're familiar with previous Company of Heroes games, you'll like what you see with the new game. It has the same look and feel as the classics, but this time it's set in a new Mediterranean theater, bringing new maps and environments, new weapons and vehicles, new battlegroups from different nationalities that fight under the main factions and allegiances, and much more.

There's a new destruction system that can let players tear apart battlefields, providing new cover systems, risks to squads from falling debris, and much more varied terrain, with mountains, beaches, open deserts, and vast fields and vineyards to fight over, occupy, and retake from one another.

Company of Heroes pre-alpha multiplayer test lets you try out four different Italian maps in different gameplay modes: co-op vs AI, competitive PvP, and Skirmish vs AI. You can play as the U.S. or The Wehrmacht German forces.

It'll run throughout this week, so grab it now while you can.

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