Company of Heroes 3 has a Total War-style campaign

WW2 strategy fans rejoice, because Company of Heroes is coming back in a big way. The classic RTS franchise from Relic has a new game in the works, featuring the same fast-paced action, but in a much grander meta scale. It's set during the height of World War 2, and will have players trying to battle it out to save, or doom Europe, across a Total War-style map.

The game will take place in North Africa and in the Mediterranean, with a new meta-game layer added on top, acting like a larger theatre of war map, where strategic decisions will go hand in hand with the tactical ones taken on the ground. Logistics and supply will be just as important as winning the fights, and you'll need to assault towns and defensive positions, which will lead to different battles at the squad level.

The game is currently over a year away from release, with many more plans to continue tweaking both the gameplay and the look and feel of the game. That extra polish will help bring it to a new standard, it's hoped, with fans of the game series able to download a pre-alpha build from the game's website — playable until August 2.

The release date for CoH 3 is estimated to be sometime in Q3 2022.

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