Corsair's new DDR5 RAM hits 6.4GHz

The first batch of DDR5 memory to hit the shelves was a little disappointing, not even really pushing past the best DDR4 kits in terms of its raw bandwidth. That's set to change with Corsair's new DDR5 kit, however. This set of Dominator sticks comes clocked at 6.4GHz, or 6.4 MTps, right out of the box, which means the enterprising overclockers out there may be able to push it north of 6.5GHz without too much effort.

You'd be lucky to buy any DDR5 at the moment as it's currently rarer than even AMD and Nvidia's new-generation graphics cards -- ebay scalpers are making an absolute killing. But stock is likely to ramp up in the coming months, especially as different manufacturers release new kits. Corsair's will help a little, offering those wanting high performance memory a chance to peak their performance that bit more.

The new RAM from Corsair isn't the fastest ever at stock, but 6.4GHz is still plenty quick, and with a little liquid nitrogen, we're told that an overclocker by the name of mllrkllr88 managed to push the sticks to 8.15GHz, breaking the all time HWBOT record.

As expected, the new Corsair Dominator RGB kits are also covered in Corsair's now classic lighting, with individually addressable LEDs, special lighting strips and zones, and suave black heatspreaders to accent it all.

The sticks should start selling soon, though we don't have a final price on them yet. Keep your eyes peeled if you want some, as they'll likely sell out fast.

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