Crusader Kings III is coming to consoles

The epic medieval dynasty simulator, Crusader Kings III, is coming to consoles -- both the PlayStation and Xbox Series S/X (and maybe even the Xbox one too). This hasn't been announced by Paradox Interactive yet, but the Taiwanese Digital Game Rating Committee's website has listed the game for all of those consoles, so it stands to rights that it may not be long before those games make their way to consoles in the very near future.

Crusader Kings III is a unique game in the medieval strategy genre, because it's not just about marshalling your armies (although it does that) and conquering the world (although you can). It's more about managing your lineage over multiple generations, and that means whatever you want it to. You can spend your time cultivating the most elite of noble bloodlines, try to establish a new religion across Europe, build a devilish cult in the far off remote regions of the world, or fight your way from count to king in as little time as possible.

You can marry off your children to form alliances, stab your enemies in their sleep, forge legal documents to claim ownership of territories, and fight in the great crusades (on either side). Crusader Kings III is an expansive and wondrous game that builds on the successes of its predecessors, and soon console players will get to experience it for the first time. Hopefully.

It seems likely, though. Paradox has already brought many of its other popular strategy titles to consoles, including Stellaris, Empire of Sin, Surviving Mars, Cities: Skylines, and Age of Wonders: Planetfall. If they can be a success on consoles, Crusader Kings III certainly can be.

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