Crusader Kings III is coming on September first, preorders now open

If you still need to finish your latest run as a minor lord somewhere in the world of Crusader Kings II, now's the time to do it, as the game's sequel, Crusader Kings III is only a few months away. The release date has now been announced as September 1, and if you want to get access to a few extra pre-order exclusives, you can now pre-order the game.

Not that you should. Pre-ordering is dumb. There's not going to be a shortage of games and you'll be able to play on launch day whether you buy now or on the day. But hey. If you want to reward a company for making slick trailers rather than a good game go right ahead.

We just wouldn't recommend it.

Our own pontifications aside, though, Crusader Kings III looks set to be a smash hit like its predecessor, with all of the cunning, treachery, empire building, and ultimately collapse, that made its predecessors so great.

Here's hoping there's just slightly less menus and buttons this time around.

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