Crysis is even more remastered on Xbox Series X and PS5

Crysis is even more remastered on Xbox Series X and PS5

Crysis Remastered is getting a patch for the new generation Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5 consoles, that will make it look better than ever. It'll offer 1080p at 60 frames per second on both Xbox consoles, and 2160p at up to 60 FPS on the Series X, and 30 FPS on the Series S. It also introduces ray tracing, though dynamic resolution scaling is at play to help keep performance steady when it's enabled.

This is version 2.1 of Crysis Rremasterd, which brought a number of changes to the PC version first, and now it's coming to consoles. As the Digital Foundry coverage shows, the game looks absolutely gorgeous, if slightly different to the original vision of the first Crysis release all those years ago.

New resolution and frame rate support make Crysis Remastered a much smoother experience on consoles, and ray tracing looks good. Frame rates aren't as consistent as we'd like to see, especially on the Xbox Series S, where dybamic resolution has to do a lot of heavy lifting and even then struggles to maintain 30 FPS at 4K, but it's still nice to see Crysis look that bit better on consoles.

Along with the visual upgrades, there are new game elements like the Ascension level (something that was previously stripped from even the Xbox 360 console version) and Nanosuit mode swaps being more in line with how it was done on the original PC version. There are still a few missing features, such as the extreme destruction of the original PC version, and foliage isn't as dynamic as it once was.

But the Remastered version does look better than every other Crysis on consoles before. How do you feel about this update?