Dawn of War Coming Soon

Callisto Interactive are a small team of enthusiastic game developers currently in the process of creating a 1st person action adventure computer game for the PC. The game will be based around the medieval period in England.

Their innovative approach calls for developing the game using entirely open source programs with a few exceptions. The game engine itself is completely open source and can be freely modified.

Dawn of War, the title of their upcoming game, is a 1st person action adventure based in Medieval England and France where you play a young knight, son of a rich duke, who must learn to survive alone in France after being stranded there. The game will include dramatic sieges where you must defend your castle, massive ground battles and historically accurate locations, weapons and buildings, all played from the 1st person perspective. The player will get to watch engaging cut scenes and play out history the way they want it to turn out.

They are currently working on an Alpha Level. This is a test level to see how their tools work and to practise creating levels and making them work as standalone executables. This basic level will include extremely basic textures, objects and NPC's and will be released for download once complete. It will attempt to show game elements at their most basic level.

In-game screenshots, renders, tool screenshots and a video are now available detailing the production of the Alpha Level which will be available within the next 2 weeks. They have also re-launched the community section of their site to collect comments and suggestions.

You can find all of the above on the official Callisto website, by following the download tab above.

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