Dead Rising 3 reviews are in

With the impending launch of Microsoft's next-gen Xbox One this week, the internet has started lighting up with the sounds and sights of game reviews and one of the ones people are most interested in hearing about is open world zombie smasher, Dead Rising 3. Here's a roundup of some of the opinions the internet's best reviewers have to offer.

We've heard before how the game runs at 720p and 30FPS, which isn't necessarily a surprise considering the other titles in the Xbox One line up, but the visuals haven't impressed that much with Dead Rising 3. Sure there's a lot of stuff on screen at once and a lot of zombies, but they're nothing to shout about. Even when compared to other launch titles, it's not a looker. Its frame rate is also not great, especially if you try to travel at speed.

Essentially, if you don't want your new, multiple hundreds of dollars hardware to feel old as soon as you buy it, don't drive any of the game's cars at speed.

However Dead Rising 3 is still exciting and somewhat fun - if a little meaningless - and there's plenty of zombie killing action if that's what you're looking for. The variety of weapons and costumes was praised and you can go around mowing down zombies with all manner of zany weapons, but it seems like the developer lost track of what's silly and what's just bad writing.

Boss characters in the game are little more than strange stereotypes that make you wonder what it was about these people that let them survive this long in the first place. There's the fat guy that eats too much and the aggressively sexual guy with the penis and balls flame thrower. It's silly sure and maybe 13 year old us would have loved that, but it's not necessarily a winner for a generation of gamers that is now seven years older than when they first played Dead Rising.

The big world is the big seller of the game and it's nicely open and gives plenty of room for rampage, but it doesn't bring about great storytelling and when combined with the game's bad writing, it really seems to show.

However, if you want a mindless romp through crowds of once-were-humans and want to mow them down with a variety of ridiculous weaponry for a few hours than you can't do much better than Dead Rising 3. Just don't expect anything more than that and you'll be fine.

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