Difficult Questions about Videogames For FREE

Difficult Questions about Videogames For FREE

PublicBeta have announced their first videogame book publication "Difficult Questions About Videogames" will be FREE for a limited time only via publicbeta.org, this offer will be active 27/04/2005

The offer coincides with the release of their new look website launching on the same date, 27/04/2005.

Iain Simons and James Newman have been asking difficult questions over the last eight months, questions such as, what is a videogame? and How can you tell if a videogame is Rubbish?, 969 responses from the games industry, academia, and else where make up this entertaining and insightful book.

Difficult Questions About Videogames

365 pages. 969 responses. 71 contributors.

Difficult Questions About Videogames is a unique and vital document of the state of contemporary thinking and opinion on this most pervasive, important and misunderstood of popular cultural forms.

Never before have CEOs, developers, journalists, academics and (of course) players been brought together to sweat it out over the same difficult questions.

Their answers are radical, loving, conservative, funny, mundane, controversial and emotional - what binds them together is the commitment that these questions are worth answering, because games matter.

Difficult Questions About Videogames is Now Available.