Discord to improve chat with conversation threads

Discord to improve chat with conversation threads

Discord might be great for video and voice communication, but its text chat has always been a little lacking. That's why it's borrowing a feature from one of the most popular text chat apps, Slack. Conversation threads will make it possible to have multiple conversations going on within the main text channels, making it much easier to keep track of what you want to talk about with those you want to talk to, even if there are hundreds or even thousands of people within a channel.

The new feature is called Threads. These temporary sub channels will work very much like conversations do on Slack, where replying directly to a message will send you into a channel of your own, exclusively for those taking part in that particular discussion. It should make it much easier to keep the conversation going without leapfrogging or reading through others communications.

You'll be able to get quick access to that Thread in the sidebar and it will automatically archive after a certain amount of time — admins can bring it back if they want to keep conversations going, or retrieve old information from it, however.

This isn't the first time Discord has tried to fix its text chat functions. Replies made it easier to see when someone was talking about a specific previous message, but with some servers being packed with users, text channels can often simply move too fast to keep up with. Threads should help fix that.

Threads is still in the testing phase, but should roll out to the wider Discord community later this year.