DotA 2 Streaming to Hit South Korea

DotA 2 Streaming to Hit South Korea Dota2

South Korea is about to get a big dose of DotA 2 action, after GOMTV, the country's most prestigious Esports streaming organisation - well known for its Starcraft 2 broadcasts - has announced its partnership with Valve to begin streaming DotA 2 games as of 3rd April.

It has been rumoured for a while that the organisation would be adding DotA 2 games to its lineup of programming, that includes everything from National Geographic documentaries, to dramas. However Starcraft has been its bread and butter for Esports recognition, as it's showing competitive Starcraft: Brood War games for the past five years or so.

Today of course, it broadcasts Starcraft II games too, thanks to its partnership with the GSL, which features some of - if not - the best players in the world. Back in 2010, it signed a three year contract with Blizzard in order to continue doing so. Presumably at some point this year that deal will be renewed. It's unknown if something similar was struck up with Valve, but it hasn't been mentioned anywhere.

This move comes at a time when the organisation is moving to a new studio, that will offer higher quality broadcasts. This has traditionally been one of the problems with GOMTV, which saw services like Twitch outstrip it in terms of video quality.

What do you guys think of Esports? They're certainly growing on me. When I get into League of Legends a couple times a year, I can easily watch a full 35 minute game.

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