Dust Up is a QWOP inspired beat 'em up

Were you, after much effort, able to actually get your sprinter to run in QWOP, that bizarre browser based game about not falling on your face and mastering the jankiest of janky controls? Then you might be one of the best Dust Up brawlers in the world, as that game takes the impossible control scheme of QWOP and applies it to the fighting genre with ninjas and super powers.

via Gfycat

Dust Up is a new Early Access title which PCGamer appears to be having a lot of fun with. We can agree that if you like your games ridiculous and don't mind a steeper than steep learning curve, it's a good way to spend a couple of hours. It's the first and only game from SergeyDo, but represents a genre of game that will likely draw in the crowds as it will no doubt be memeable and stream worthy.

It features ragdoll physics, special moves for certain characters, and all the drunken mismash of combat you can handle. Do not expect to be very good at this game.

It is in Early Access so if you decide to spend the $7 at its currently discounted price, be aware that there will be bugs and limited features at this time. However, the developer seems keen to continue updating it and has already made some balance and bug fix tweaks since the game's debut a few days ago.

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